Emily Miller was a team driver for Rod Hall Racing. Trained by off-road racing legend, Rod Hall, Miller debuted as a team driver at the 2006 Baja 1000. She has multiple podium finishes and wins as both driver and navigator. She holds the distinction of being the only woman to “Ironman” the longest off-road race in the US taking third in the Stock Full Class. She repeated the 1000-mile, three-day edition in 2009 – winning the Stock Mini Class. In 2009, she was a driver for #761 at the Baja 1000 – winning the  Stock Mini Class.

Emily is the recipient of the 2011 “Spirit of Leadership” award from the Women’s Automotive Alliance International.  In 2009, she was the only US team to compete in the Rallye Aicha des Gazelle in Morocco.  In 2011, she & teammate Armelle Medard took 2nd place out of 130+ teams in a completely stock vehicle.  Emily continues to help inspire and train women who wish to compete, offering multiple driving and navigation programs annually.

She is honored to have been the 2010 & 2011 BFGoodrich Brand Ambassador and managed and instructed 20+ Michelin – BFGoodrich Light Truck Tire Seminars annually. To date, she has trained over 3,500 people to drive off-road.  Beyond her passion for driving and racing, she spends her free time cycling, skiing, snowboarding and surfing.  Her day job is owning and running the sports marketing and PR firm, Soulside Network, Inc.


A Note From Emily –

I love what I do – from running my company to racing and driving off-road.  I believe life is a tremendous adventure.  As my racing mentor, Rod Hall told me, “We compete on the most beautiful race courses in the world.”  It is very true.  When it comes to off-road, each race, each drive is a new adventure with enough stories to fill a book.  So thank you for following my journey.

I started my PRODUCT PROFILES page because I use my gear.  Really use it.  I am often asked for advice on what to buy.  Off-road is the best proving ground for durability and performance for equipment, so between racing, travel and my sports, I decided to start passing along some of my picks.

Lastly, I want to say thank you to the amazing people that help me in so many ways to reach goals including my family, Rod and Donna Hall, the great team inside my company, Soulside Network, and the incredible family of off-roaders across the globe.  Racing and driving off-road is the ultimate test of a team and each and every member that touches our effort is an incredibly valuable piece.  THANK YOU.