Adventurers should be great off-road drivers.   Let me first define what I mean by adventurer. Of course, off-road drivers and racers are adventurers, but I’m referring to the outdoor adventuring athlete that one thinks of when they think of  Outside Magazine and brands like Arc‘Teryx. I’m talking about the non-motorized versions – climbing, mountaineering, kayaking, mountain biking, back-country skiing and snowboarding. You get the picture.


Now I’m generalizing and this is my opinion, so don’t shoot me. However, I’m always surprised by this crowd’s attitude that acts like a car or truck is the devil incarnate. Those gas guzzling, environment destroyers! But I have to ask myself, “How did you get here? Did you ride your bike to this peak? Walk for days to this remote river? Paddle 30 miles to this break?”   Of course, some do. But for most, I bet they don’t. How do I know? Because I’m on both sides. Remember, I’m a Buttian – a Crested Butte, Colorado girl – who has spent the better portion of my life on skis, snowboards, bikes, and above 8,500 feet. I also know this basic fact. Having great off-road skills and a capable vehicle can get you to some of the most amazing adventures on the planet. The journey is part of the adventure!  Get some coaching from someone who really knows their stuff and these skills will get you to the thick of things and keep you out of trouble.