It’s been a while.  So I’m going to start this as if I’m sitting with one of my old best friends.  You know, like you don’t have to explain everything you’ve done since you saw each other last?  You just pick up where you left off.

It’s interesting how life flies […]

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Year in Review

I’ve been urged by several close to me to pick up where I left off – chronicling my adventures and musings mostly from behind the wheel.  But where do you start when a year has past?

So I’ll give the Cliff Note version now and expand later on some […]

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I am on the plane to San Diego and just set down a copy of the latest Fortune Magazine -my closest connection with Americana since departing.  Within the pages, Jeff Bezos recommends little retreats to check out, unplug and get a little dose of creativity.
These upcoming two posts won’t be […]

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Back to Morocco on My Terms

I’m heading to Paris and Morocco on Wednesday, but this time with a different agenda – no agenda.  After catching up with friends in Paris and making sure the competing US Gazelles are ready to compete, I’ll be heading to southern Morocco to see the country from a different angle.  I’ll be slowing down, using my driving and navigation skills to see the countryside at a different pace.  Then, I’ll be putting it to words and pictures for Overland Journal.

So let me get down to business and give you the skinny on why my navigator Chrissie and I withdrew from this year’s Rallye Aicha des Gazelles.  To give a little background, we were competing for a factory program with a vehicle registered in the Crossover Category.  To make a long story a little shorter and spare the details, here’s what happened.  Rally moves vehicle to 4×4 class without informing us – approximately 5 weeks before the rally.  We reply with a request to reconsider as the technical director had sent a letter in writing on November 15th that the vehicle was indeed in the Crossover Category.  No change.  Responses came from others but not the technical director.  I’ll leave out the details.


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Sponsorship Tips – for Gazelles

Many people ask me for advice regarding sponsorship for the Gazelle (and other racing, events, etc.).   Asking for sponsorship isn’t easy.  This is obviously not a complete guide but a few tips from my experience.  There are several strategies that can be successful, but one of the most important things to remember is – no one is going to sponsor you if you don’t ask.

Do your research – Just because you think a company is the right fit, doesn’t mean they do.  Before you pitch a company, make sure you have done your research and have a clear reason why they are the right fit and what value you can provide them.

Ask for help but don’t expect someone else to do the work for you. – Sponsorship takes time.  You may have to pitch MANY companies to get a couple.  Unless your best friend is a sponsorship expert, you will probably be doing the work yourself.  It will make you appreciate the entire process and sponsor.

Great looking proposal & well-written pitch – make it compelling and succinct.  Always remember that companies have stacks of pitches and inboxes full of requests.  STAND OUT and be memorable.  Remember your passion for the event and convey that in your communications.  (I recently received the wildest, funniest request including the option to name someone’s first born.  We will never forget that letter or […]

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