March 26, 2011 – Update from Day 3/Leg 3
It was what felt like a 90 plus degree-day in Morocco this afternoon.  The wind was still and the sun was strong making competitor’s minds a little slower and water consumption a necessity.  The Gazelles needed to hit seven checkpoints today to remain in good rank and reach the CPs in a timely manner to navigate with enough daylight back to the bivouac.

After yesterday’s abrupt cancellation of the last checkpoint, CP7, Team Miller Medard #109, were frustrated with the rally’s decision after their entire day’s strategy was based on the last CP.  “The decision to cancel the last checkpoint should have been decided before the Gazelles left the start line in the morning,” Emily Miller stated. “Our strategy was to hit every CP and take a few extra kilometer because of it.  It compromised the credibility of the rally.  The race is a strategy race, and we planned our leg for seven checkpoints.”  Team 109 hit all six CPs yesterday and all seven today putting them comfortably in third place overall.

Co-piolt, Armelle Medard runs to the checkpoint to keep the day moving.

Tomorrow the standings will change drastically.  First-time competitors will experience the famous sand mountains of Morocco, the Merzouga Dunes.

Merzouga Dunes

*These updates are from the U.S. media liaison during the event as all communication is taken from competitors.