This year, we were fortunate to have Dan Campbell-Lloyd join us.  He provided the US media with amazing imagery, giving not only a glimpse inside the rally, but of the amazing landscape and culture.  He is an artist with both a still and video camera.

For those of you who don’t know Dan, I can hardly do a profile justice in a couple paragraphs.  Campbell-Lloyd grew up in a tree house in the Australian Outback, has traveled the world not only as a photographer and videographer but also as a professional kayaker.  Until recently, he held the world record for the launching the biggest waterfall decent.  But Dan doesn’t just roll with the flow, he cartwheels, flips and throws in a broken bone or two.

A rally not built solely around speed, but built solely around female competition was not something for everyone.  I knew Dan was the perfect person for this journey.  It was common to look around and Dan would have disappeared and then you would see him hanging off a cliff or roof doing everything to get the exceptional shot.  The rally became his labor of love and he even got to drive for a day on the men’s team.  Wendy and I can’t thank him enough for making us laugh when we probably wanted to scream.

The wild Australian is a master, he searches out how to make a scene come to life.  And when you look at his work, there is something about the image that you can feel down in your soul.  I hope you will take a moment to look at the link above of his work from Morocco.