For the next several weeks, I am going to share a journey that is often hard to put into words. So first things first, let’s get acquainted.

My name is Emily Miller. I work hard, play hard and wear many hats. I own a sports marketing company, and this week has been the typical work craziness — stimulation overload from iPhones, iPads, computers, text messages, e-mails, calls, tweets, wall posts and meeting after meeting. Next week, I’ll put work on the back burner and put on my other hat — well, helmet, actually. I am a race car driver. But my racing doesn’t involve turning left on an asphalt oval. It is the beautiful insanity of off-road racing. Yes, in a truck.

In high school I had an idol. Michelle Mouton, the famous French rally champion who showed up to Pike’s Peak in an Audi Quattro. The famous boys laughed, but, when the green flag dropped, it was a race for second place. She could make her car dance, and I dreamed of possessing her flawless style.

So how did I get into off-road racing? The usual route is growing up in racing or having a large enough wallet to enter. I had neither. What I do have has served me well — a fanatical work ethic, the love of being coached and a “never give up” attitude. I live in the moment, I look for open doors, and I see life as a gift not to waste. Fortunately, an icon in the sport saw that and took a chance on me when he was looking for a new driver for his factory GM team. His name is Rod Hall, and I drive for Rod Hall Racing.

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