BFGoodrich® Mud Terrain KM2

Most people love the KM2s because they just look great. They look mean. But not only do the look like business, they are ALL business. I drive on many different tires as part of my job and I put them through demanding situations. But the Mud Terrain KM2 stands head and shoulders above many tires in the light truck category. I’m also a big fan of the BFG All-Terrain KO, but more on that later.

I tell people “when you are out in the middle of absolutely nowhere and getting stuck can be a serious safety issue, then you need the KM2.” I know this because I have been in those situations. I also drive several tires through one of the stickiest, slickest mud pits around to demonstrate tire capabilities. You can literally feel the lugs doing their job. They have pulled me out of that hole every time, when other tires fail.

Although it was designed for mud, I’ve driven them through tight European roads and through many roundabouts at speed. They handle well and are surprisingly quiet on pavement. In big sand dunes, just air down and they behave somewhat like a paddle tire. Climbing the steepest dunes, I’ve needed traction and they deliver. Warning, use a heavy throttle and you might end up with a rototiller.

Other benefits include seriously strong sidewalls, with 3-ply construction (what BFG calls TriGard) making the KM2s more resistant to cutting and tearing.