UGG Classic Short
PRICE: $155
RATING: 5 Stars

I think my love affair with UGGs started on a weekend trip to Glamis. Originally, my then boyfriend (now husband) gave me a pair of Classics in honor of surf fashion – or lack thereof. I had thought of UGGs as a Glamour fashion “don’t,” so my uptake was slow. Fast forward to a sand dune scene on an early morning mid-winter. I roll out of my sleeping bag and into the driver’s seat. I only had running shoes and UGGs, so in need of some mid-shin length to keep out the sand, I put on my UGGs. I’ve never looked back. From early morning chores, long drives, slogging over dunes, late night campfires, you basically never need to take them off.

Trendy little driving shoes are fine for asphalt, but off-roaders gravitate to what works best for their specific environment. The French used to look at me with absolute disgust as they would scan me from head to toe. Excuse me, like hiking boots look attractive? However, times they have a changed. Bottom line – UGGs are extremely practical for an off-road driver. Go get a pair.

You can wear them round the clock.
The sole is so supple, you can really feel the throttle and brake.
You don’t need socks (less items to pack).
Perfect mid-shin height means no sand in your boots.
Natural wool works in a wide temperature range. My personal comfort range runs from 0 – 90 degrees in Classics. Here’s a little more on the temperature topic -
Soft and comforting – Your feet feel like they are wrapped in a baby blanket.