On a hazy day in Erfoud, Morocco, 110 teams sped away from the bivouac followed by a storm of dust, journalists, photographers and rally officials for the Prologue day of competition. Today offered Gazelles the opportunity to test their vehicles and navigation training while searching for three checkpoints without accumulating penalties.

“We were glad to have a warm up day,” Amy Lerner stated. “There definitely is a learning curve and you can only learn by trying.” Teammate and sister, Tricia Reina also spoke about the first day, “We got stuck twice and went to an extra checkpoint but now we know where we need to make corrections and move forward. The HUMMER was phenomenal and we learned how to communicate with each other in the truck.”

While today does not count towards the final score it does establish starting classes for tomorrow. Team Miller Medard finished in sixth place after their first leg as a team. “It was a great day,” Miller comments. “We encountered one error after the first checkpoint but if we do what we did today for the rest of competition, there is no reason why we should not be a contender.”

Competitors will stay for two nights in the same location before traveling to Nejjakh.