Today, competitors of the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles are midway through the 42-hour ferry transfer across the Mediterranean, passing the coastline of Ibiza, Spain this morning. Upon arrival in Tangier, the teams will drive directly to Meknes for mandatory meetings.

Spirits are high among competitors and Team Lerner Reina (#107) of the United States are busy preparing their maps and reviewing the traditional dead reckoning navigation skills. Emily Miller’s navigator, Armelle Medard (#109) who won the rally in 2008, spent time with Lerner Reina on specific pointers to help them during the race. “There are so many unknowns, it is extremely helpful to work with Armelle to understand the nuances of the competition,” noted Reina.

Miller spent the morning catching up on needed sleep and working with Medard while she organized and prepared the rally maps provided at tech inspection. The teams will stop in Tangier immediately for last minute provisions before driving into remote parts of Morocco.

Wed 3.23 – Prologue Stage
Thurs 3.24 – Leg 1 – COMPETITION BEGINS
Fri 3.25 – Leg 2
Sat 3.26 – Leg 3
Sun 3.27 – Leg 4 – Dunes
Mon 3.28 – Leg 5
Tues 3.29 – Leg 5 – Marathon Leg #1
Wed 3.30 – Leg 6
Thurs 3.31 – Leg 6 – Marathon Leg #2 – Dunes/FINISH
Fri 4.1 – Transfer to Essaouira
Sat 4.2 – Closing Ceremonies/Official Results

Daily updates are available on U.S.A. Gazelles Facebook page and Twitter at @usgazelles.
Emily Miller is posting in depth blog posts on espnW.

TEAM #109 at Tech Inspections – Armelle Medard (left) Emily Miller (Right)