I’ve been urged by several close to me to pick up where I left off – chronicling my adventures and musings mostly from behind the wheel.  But where do you start when a year has past?

So I’ll give the Cliff Note version now and expand later on some topics that may be worthy of an extra paragraph.

Since my last post, I —

  • Took time off from racing to tackle and overcome a very serious bout of anemia. (Oh the joys of being a woman.)
  • Taught 25+ driving schools.
  • Taught off-road driving & dead reckoning navigation to thirty + women including inspirational one-armed surfer Bethany Hamilton.
  • Drove across southern Morocco for a few weeks again in a Toyota Prado – village to village off-road with the sun as my guide.  (These trips just keep getting better.)
  • Became settled in this place known as “SoCal.”
  • Launched a consumer products brand.
  • Built a business plan & team for the “big idea.”
  • Have taken time to live in the moment with friends and family.

Since I hit college, I was always strong, healthy and running at a pace harder and faster.  Granted, I’ve had 6 knee surgeries from skiing but that didn’t exactly slow me down.  It probably just pushed me.  But finally after a long bout with bone crushing fatigue from severe anemia (& don’t forget the 1 ½ years of parasites acquired from my travels) long brutal hours from work, I had to finally admit – I’m not Wonder Woman.

Here are the lessons –

  • It’s easy to ignore warning signs.
  •  It’s hard to initiate a change.
  •  You don’t know how bad you felt until you feel good again.
  • Have faith in a positive outcome.
  • Nothing feels better than putting down the phone, closing the computer and connecting deeply with those around you.  I hope that isn’t a dying concept for our world’s youth.

So it is quickly approaching my one-year anniversary of making a conscious change.

Of course, I haven’t stopped pushing myself, I’m just pushing differently.   And the other lesson that I’m figuring out? – You can’t make that morning surf session if you check your email first.

Thanks for the blog break….but it’s good to be back.  Just watch out because I have things to say.